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Whether you're an avid baker looking to add a few tasty new treats to your list of specialties or a casual home cook wanting to experiment with unusual dessert ideas, Mrs. Fields bakeware fits seamlessly into your existing bakeware collection. While the brand began as a small cookie shop in Palo Alto, California in the 1970s, it has moved on to become a well-known name in the baked goods industry. Mrs. Fields gourmet cookies, brownies, tins and gift baskets provide ready-to-eat convenience, and with the Mrs. Fields bakeware line, you can make your own indulgent desserts and snacks at home. Cookie sheets that include a built-in cooling rack reduce wait time after the baking process, so you can quickly satisfy eager friends and family members awaiting your latest rendition of chocolate chunk, peanut butter oatmeal or soft sugar cookies. Innovative pans from Mrs. Fields go far beyond basic cookie sheets; create fun and exciting desserts such as half-and-half cupcakes, cupcake cones and brookies, which are a combination of cookies and brownies. Durable nonstick surfaces ensure a quick and easy cleanup process once you're finished baking. Because these specialty pans offer new takes on classic dessert options, they make great gifts for an avid baker who wants to try something new. When it comes to transport, dessert carriers from Mrs. Fields provide an easy way to take your freshly baked treats with you to parties, potlucks and bake sales.

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