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Muffin Pans

Muffin pans make it possible to enjoy your favorite muffins any time you want them. The right pan makes it easy to make several batches of muffins, so muffin tins are ideal for occasional bakers or busy moms who need to make dozens of muffins for bake sales and class parties. Nonstick muffin pans make cleanup easy, reducing the amount of time it takes to bake everything from blueberry muffins to popovers. These pans are also perfect for making mini quiches, hash brown cups and mini bread bowls. Using a muffin pan for cooking makes it easy to control the size of your portions and prepare meals to freeze ahead of time. If you like an occasional sweet treat but do not want to eat a whole muffin, use a mini muffin pan to make your favorite baked goods. Mini muffins are also ideal for gift baskets, so this type of pan is a must-have if you enjoy giving homemade birthday and holiday gifts. If you want something lighter than a muffin, use a popover pan to make delicious popovers. Buy a muffin pan with a cover if you plan to take muffins to the office or to a get-together with friends. This type of pan keeps muffins moist all day long.

Popular Brands:

We love Rachael Ray muffin pans for their colorful silicone handles and nonstick surfaces. Calphalon also makes nonstick muffin pans in traditional and mini muffin sizes. This company is a trusted name in cookware and bakeware, so you can rest easy knowing your muffin pans will stand the test of time.
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