NESCO first hit the kitchen appliance scene in the 1930s, when it debuted its line of roasters in Wisconsin. Drawing from experience as a long-term maker of cooking and farm tools, including pots and pans, NESCO created what many called a portable oven. The company partnered with local utility companies to sell the electric appliance door to door. Kitchens have come a long way since 1930, and so has NESCO. Today, you can choose from dozens of NESCO appliances that make life easier in the kitchen. Dehydrators help store fruit, vegetables and meats for less waste, food slicers let you create healthy cuts of meat for sandwiches and bread machines deliver flaky, buttery goodness without all the work of manual kneading. Electric kettles keep water hot for tea, and waffle makers let you whip up decadent breakfasts in minutes. NESCO's modern appliances help you deliver delicious recipes without sweating it out near a hot oven, and they look great on your countertop. Popular Styles: We know many home chefs love spending time in the kitchen, but we also realize modern schedules can be fast-paced and tight. NESCO roaster ovens and pressure cookers provide convenient options for efficient, set-it-and-forget-it meal prep. Brand Features:
  • Appliances protected by warranties
  • Contemporary designs are functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • Designed for efficient, safe cooking

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