Serve delicious coffee drinks to friends and family with Nespresso machines that let you customize each cup. Whether you're preparing a classic cup of fresh-brewed dark roast coffee or a hazelnut soy latte, there's a Nespresso machine that can help. Prepacked Nespresso pods give you just the right amount of ground coffee and flavorings to ensure a perfect cup every time, and you can easily swap out the pods to use a different flavor or type of coffee for each person in the room. Coffee pods include a variety of flavors, from bold and lively blends to coffees characterized as fruity and delicate. You can even find decaffeinated, half-caffeinated and flavored pods that work with your Nespresso machine. Using a patented extraction system, these machines give you a barista-like experience in your home kitchen. Program the strength and cup size into your machine to tailor your espresso drink to your personal preferences. Because Nespresso machines are compact, they don't take up much room in a small kitchen, dorm room or apartment. Plus, you get a hot cup of your favorite brew in just minutes, saving you time when you're in a hurry. You'll find Nespresso machines in contemporary and retro styles, so you can match your Nespresso machine with your kitchen decor. With a Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother, you can easily add a layer of luscious foam to your cappuccino or latte.
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