NexTrend makes products that simplify a variety of tasks commonly tackled in the kitchen. The California-based kitchenware company has developed many different ways to add convenience to cooking, and its products make it easier than ever to prepare a wide selection of different ingredients. The Garlic Twist tool quickly and easily minces whole cloves of garlic, keeping your hands clean of the oil from the clove and providing a fun way for smaller cooks to help create many different dishes. NexTrend's fishbone skewer allows meats and veggies to cook thoroughly and evenly, and the unique design ensures that the skewer will not roll during the heating process. This makes it an invaluable tool for those who like to grill outdoors or prepare delicious kebabs in a frying pan. NexTrend's fat-skimming ladle is also a great way to ensure that your soups and broths are free of floating fat, helping you trim down boiled meats during the cooking process. The SousChef revolutionizes traditional mortar-and-pestle work in the kitchen. Its rotating design eliminates the need for hard pounding motions while delivering flavorful ground herbs and spices for your dishes. The company's innovative lineup also includes a development in individual tea steeping known as the TeaPod. This tool makes it easier than ever to brew the perfect cup of bagged or loose-leaf tea.
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