With accessories and tools to meet almost any kitchen need, Norpro delivers distinctive style and innovative cooking solutions. For over 40 years, Norpro has sought to make cooking fun, convenient and easy for home chefs of all skill levels. A line of traditional egg and pancake presses let you brand your breakfast with personality, while ice-pop makers generate healthy and refreshing snacks for any season. We know that food prep isn't always the most glamorous of jobs, which is why Norpro constantly seeks new methods for common kitchen chores. Wash fruits and veggies with efficient brushes and colanders, and then slice and dice using a range of graters and cutting tools. Once food is hot and ready to serve, dish up delicious meals with signature nonstick utensils from Norpro. Norpro strives to use the best possible materials in all its products to deliver safe, durable tools you'll be proud to have in your kitchen. Little things matter, and the smallest food prep or cooking tool can make a big difference in flavor.

Popular Styles:

We know that poached or fried eggs can make or break a breakfast platter, and we also know how difficult it is to turn out perfect eggs every time you stand in front of the frying pan. That's one reason Norpro' s egg-cooking tools are so popular. Select an egg poacher that lets you create elegant breakfasts every morning, or opt for egg molds and presses to cook your whites and yolks perfect every time.

Brand Features:

  • Many items are dishwasher safe
  • Family-owned company with a passion for creating quality kitchen tools
  • Products are designed to be easy and fun to use
  • Quality, durable construction
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