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Characterized by vintage designs, bright colors and fun functionality, the product line from Nostalgia Electrics encourages social events and dinner parties because you can't keep these delightful tools to yourself. We love the classic silver, white and red designs that are featured on Nostalgia Electrics hot dog rollers, popcorn poppers and some of the vintage-style counter appliances. Add a red toaster, microwave or blender to your kitchen for throwback style, or opt for nostalgic functionality in a more contemporary package. Delight guests with a dessert bar complete with a chocolate fountain, fuel children's sleepovers with street-style vending straight from your kitchen or host girls night with frozen drink machines. Don't keep entertaining eats and treats locked away in your kitchen or dining room. Take Nostalgia Electrics products with you to school, community or church functions. Dish up cotton candy at a fundraising booth, or keep foods warm in a buffet server. From breakfast to dinner, Nostalgia Electrics products let you grill, cook and serve great food in a memorable way. Cooking has never been this enjoyable, and we think once you bring your first nostalgic piece home, a second isn't far behind. Popular Styles: Cooking tools and small appliances from Nostalgia Electrics aren't just popular today. Each item relates to a vintage cooking or food prep idea and brings the designs, colors and capabilities to your kitchen with modern upgrades and features.
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