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Old Stone Oven is one of the oldest manufacturers of pizza and baking stones, and that experience is evident in the quality of its products. Made with ceramic firebrick and other proven material, Old Stone Oven baking stones deliver crispy crusts every time you bake a pizza. Available in a variety of sizes to support your culinary needs, the stones are also great for baking biscuits, cookies and specialty pastries. Purchase a large stone to create delicious meals for the entire family, or opt for a small stone designed to fit most toaster ovens. When cooking with quality pizza stones, you don't need to add oils or grease to the baking surface, increasing your ability to make healthy meals. Create your own pizzas and experiment with meats, vegetables, cheese and sauce. With your own pizza stone, you don't have to stay true to traditional pizza configurations, so feel free to top your dough with anything that sounds tasty to you. Most pizza stones should be added to a cool oven before the preheat process. Add food items once the stone is brought to temperature using a pizza paddle. Use tongs or turners to add smaller items. Baking on the top or middle rack changes the performance of the stone, so follow product guidelines for best results.
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