It began with a search for the perfect gift and ended with a family-owned company dedicated to the art of flavor. In 2004, college student Brie Schaeffer shopped for a Christmas gift for her foodie mom. She found a gift idea in an oil and vinegar store, and that idea later became the basis for a mother-daughter business. The two women opened Olivelle several years later, committing themselves to natural ingredients, high-quality gourmet flavors and options that make it easy for home cooks everywhere to create healthy, satisfying meals. Oils play a large role in the Olivelle product line, with dozens of flavors of extra virgin olive oil, infused vinegars and balsamic glazes making an appearance. Shopping Olivelle's oil line provides you with options for every taste preference. Olivelle also offers salts, seasonings, dips, mustards and herbs. Consider Pasta Rocks Himalayan salts to season rice, vegetables or pasta for a fabulous flavor. Cooks who like to avoid salt can opt for dry rubs that bring unique flavor to beef, poultry, fish or pork. Home gourmets that prefer choice or adventure when it comes to flavor enjoy Olivelle's seasoning sets, which contain multiple rubs, dippers and spices. The company brings the tale full circle with ready-made Olivelle gourmet gifts for the discerning food enthusiast.

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