As the only company on the market that offers in-home juicers with masticating, pulp ejecting and centrifuge functionality, Omega is a leading brand in the industry. Founder Robert Leo started the company in 1985 after spending two decades in the business. His experience and the innovative concepts that Omega brings to its designs has led to an entire line of specialty beverage products. Select a juicer design that fits your kitchen space and lifestyle to get the most use out of your appliance. With several options to make healthy beverage preparation as easy as possible, Omega juicers offer the chance to ensure your family gets the vitamins and minerals they need for long-lasting life. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, juicing has been shown to decrease weight, increase athletic performance and positively impact overall health. Select from a streamlined vertical juicer that has the power to convert fruits and veggies into nutrient-rich smoothies and drinks, or get a complete nutrition center for your kitchen cabinet.

Popular Styles:
Personal-sized vertical juicers are popular for many residences because they take up the same amount of room as a traditional blender, letting you stash it in the corner or keep it ready for use. Omega's Vert models deliver powerful masticating action that produces juice at high speeds, so it won't slow you down in the morning.

Brand Features:

  • Masticating, pulp ejecting and centrifuge options
  • Contemporary designs to fit any kitchen space
  • Industry-leading juicing technology
  • Manufacturer's warranty
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