Bring powerful technology to your cooking space with small appliances from Oster. One of the most recognized brands in the kitchen appliance market, Oster provides a comprehensive selection of counter-top technology to meet all your cooking needs. From blenders to pressure cookers, Oster appliances let you whip, chop, blend, boil, fry and slow cook ingredients. Armed with affordable, high-functioning tools, you'll be able to tackle any recipe that comes your way. Set an Oster microwave on your counter for quick, convenient meals and snacks, or keep an Oster toaster oven handy to bake up breakfast breads, small casseroles or meats. Pressure cookers offer a convenient method for creating quick, healthy meals. Instead of picking up pizza or burgers, toss some meat and veggies into an Oster pressure cooker and you'll have a perfectly cooked meal in a fraction of traditional prep time. Most Oster appliances come with a variety of settings, letting you customize the cooking experience to meet your family's needs or ensure flawless preparation for different types of ingredients.

Popular Styles:

Blenders are one of Oster's most notable appliances. With a selection that ranges from personal-sized blenders to family-sized 8-cup models, Oster provides the power and functionality you need to make milk shakes, smoothies and puddings. With blades capable of grinding ice, numerous power and speed settings and snap-tight lids, Oster blenders are a great addition to any kitchen or home bar area.

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