The goal of OXO is to create kitchen accessories that can be easily used by the highest number of people. The company considers age, size and needs to create ergonomic and safe utensils that are a pleasure to hold and work with. Thicker handles and grips, soft grips on metal utensils, and flawless moving parts make OXO accessories a convenient, must-have addition to any kitchen. Whether you're measuring ingredients for a cake, dicing or mashing items, or transferring leftovers to storage containers, your arms, wrists and hands will thank you for using quality OXO products. It's not all about how it feels, though. OXO delivers a signature black-and-silver design in many of its products, allowing you to create a contemporary, streamlined kitchen space. These items look so good, you won't want to store them away in a drawer or cabinet -- you'll want to hang them on open racks or keep them on counter spaces as decorative accents. From a beautiful kitchen to ergonomically prepared meals, OXO products offer busy individuals great cooking solutions.

Popular Styles:
One of OXO's most popular traits is the signature black handle on utensils. The ergonomic design began with a basic peeler, allowing cooks in kitchens everywhere to peel potatoes and other veggies without experiencing pain or fatigue. Today, the black handle is available on measuring cups, serving spoons and many other items.

Brand Features:
  • Signature black design
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Innovative products that offer solutions for everyday kitchen needs
  • Many products are dishwasher safe

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