From kitchen scales to frying pans, Ozeri brings unparalleled accuracy and innovative design to its cooking tools. You'll nail every recipe with perfection — even if you haven't used it before — when you use advanced Ozeri scales to measure ingredients. Bring the functionality of an industrial kitchen to your counter with the sleek black and silver scales. Sensitive buttons make it easy to program or weigh food, even when one of your hands is otherwise occupied with cooking functions. With ranges capable of measuring fractions of ounces up to a dozen pounds, a single Ozeri scale meets all your kitchen needs. Many of the scales toggle between different measurements, allowing you to convert metric recipes. Easy-to-read screens make Ozeri scales a tool that anyone can use. It's not all about weights and measures with Ozeri. Select from salt and pepper grinders to season food easily at the table or during the cooking process, or opt for one of Ozeri's signature nonstick pots or pans to lock in taste without melding food to the bottom of the pot.

Popular Styles:

Ozeri has long been known for its scales, but its nonstick cookware is becoming increasingly popular with health-conscious cooks. Ozeri delivers nonstick functionality without using chemicals like PTFE or PFOA, which are used in traditional nonstick pots and pans. The result is chemical-free cookware and an even scratch-resistant heating surface.

Brand Features:

  • Extraordinary accuracy in scales
  • Contemporary, elegant designs
  • Antimicrobial technology to reduce bacteria, odors and stains on food scales
  • Nonstick surface without harmful chemicals

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