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Some of the best flavors were discovered by cooking pioneers over open flames. Pacific Northwest Fine Wood Products knows this, which is why it has engineered cedar planks for use in contemporary grills and ovens. Centuries before gas grills and electric ovens, Native Americans incorporated cedar planks when cooking game and fish. Fillets of meat cooked on these slim planks are imbued with the smoky aroma and taste that only comes from slowly burning wood. Now, you can create the same flavor whether you're cooking surf or turf with Pacific's cedar grilling planks. These planks are designed for outdoor use and are soaked in water before cooking so that they don't catch on fire. Meat is cooked on top of the planks, which blacken slowly, imparting a unique flavor to the meat. Outdoor cooking is synonymous with deep, layered flavors and comfort food, but it's not always convenient, which is why we love the fact that Pacific Northwest Fine Wood Products has also developed planks for use in an oven. While the grill planks are single use, these baking planks are designed not to burn during standard baking use and can be washed and reused. Pacific Northwest Fine Wood Products offers small and large baking planks in several intensities, plus grilling packs and cookbooks offering tips for savory smoked oven meals.

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