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Wusthof Paring & Peeling Knives

Using the right knife makes cutting and peeling more enjoyable. Different sizes work best for different tasks, so always choose a paring or peeling knife based on the task at hand. Paring knives are ideal for delicate tasks requiring a lot of precision. Use one to peel fruits and vegetables, slice a shallot, chop a clove of garlic or remove the core from an apple with ease. This type of knife is ideal for chefs and bakers who like to cut shapes into their dough or score patterns on their favorite dishes. A paring knife also makes it easier to devein shrimp, hull strawberries and cut your favorite citrus fruits into sections. The small handle of the knife allows you to control the edge of the blade, making it the ideal tool for trimming and preparing garnishes. If you are setting up a new kitchen, look for a knife set with bird's beak and spear point knives. The bird's beak knife has a curved blade, which is ideal for working with round vegetables and fruits. Spear point knives are ideal for slicing and piercing foods. The right paring knife will make cutting tasks easier and last for years, so look for knives made from durable materials.

Popular Brands:

Several cutlery companies make high-quality paring and peeling knives. Wusthof is known for producing indispensible kitchen tools made of high-quality materials. Zwilling J.A. Henckels makes single paring knives and 4-piece sets, making it easy to find the knife you need. Calphalon also produces several durable pieces.
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