Keep coffee flush with flavor when you employ Perfectness containers to keep ingredients fresh. The containers lock tight with an electric vacuum seal, protecting coffee from air and dust particles. Since the containers operate with battery power, you can even tote them on camping trips for delicious campfire coffee without the chance that small critters find their way into your stash. Made with BPA-free plastics, Perfectness stores coffee safely. Avoid waste when you preserve foodstuffs up to five times longer than in non-airtight containers. Containers are leak proof so you don't have to worry about small particles escaping, and they're dishwasher safe when batteries are removed for easy sanitation and cleanup between refills. Though Perfectness is designed to house coffee, there's no reason you can't think outside the box and store other things inside this handy container. Protect the flavor of delicate teas, keep sugar from the elements, or ensure cookies stay fresh long after standard storage times when you keep them locked away in the Perfectness vacuum-seal container. Titan plastic is used in the construction of Perfectness products, and it holds up under superior heat, which is helpful if you keep the container next to a coffee maker. The plastic is also designed for chemical resistance and backed by a one-year warranty, so you can count on long-term storage of coffee and other items.
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