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Whether you are attempting your first homemade pie or you have been baking for years, the pie dish you use has a big impact on the outcome. The right pie plate makes it easy to bake a flaky crust and ensure your filling cooks to perfection. Glazed pie dishes are ideal for baking and serving your favorite pies. The scratch-resistant glazes come in several cheerful colors, turning a plain pie dish into a conversation piece. Glazed clay conducts and retains heat well, promoting even baking and browning. If everyone in the family likes a different type of pie, use mini pie dishes to prepare several favorites at one time. These pans typically have steel cores to promote even heating, and many styles have nonstick surfaces to make it easy to release pies, fruit tarts and other desserts. Aluminum pie dishes do an excellent job conducting heat, but stainless steel is also a good choice if you prefer a metal pie pan. Glass pie dishes are ideal for baking pies or preparing bread pudding, cobblers or your favorite casseroles. Dishes made of glass are also ideal for food storage, so you can bake and store desserts and entrees in the same pan.

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It is easy to see why so many people purchase bakeware from Rachael Ray. Ray's stoneware pie dishes come in vibrant colors, so they are both functional and decorative. Calphalon makes high-quality mini pie pans, which are ideal for tarts and individual servings of your favorite pies and custards.

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