Pizzeria Pronto

Change the way you think of pizza with the Pizzeria Pronto. Bring family and friends together for pizza night that moves beyond regular routines when everyone brings their own gourmet pie ideas to life. The Pizzeria Pronto delivers cooked pizzas in five minutes after a short preheating time. A 200-pound propane tank fuels the unit for 25 hours, delivering enough cooking power to bake hundreds of pizzas. For portable pizza-making solutions, use a smaller tank and carry the Pizzeria Pronto to tailgating, camping or community events. Voted as an essential tailgating tool by Men's Journal, the Pizzeria Pronto is easy to use and safe on decks, grass, dirt, concrete and other outdoor surfaces. Once you preheat the unit, you can cook pizzas consecutively for hours, making the Pizzeria Pronto a great choice for fundraising events or local fairs. Propane brings the internal temperature of the unit up to 700 degrees F, providing professional pizza baking results right in your backyard. Create lasting memories when you gather the family for evening outdoor dining, or add fun to the occasion by hosting a pizza design contest for the kids. Brand Features:
  • Quick preheating so hungry hordes aren't waiting long for pizza
  • Safe on multiple surfaces, reducing worry when cooking outside
  • Built-in thermometer lets you monitor temperatures, culminating in a just-right, crispy crust every time
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