PolyScience backs its cooking products with science, which is appropriate considering the company is a leader in the global laboratory manufacturing market. Since 1963, PolyScience has developed equipment to maintain precise temperature controls, leading the company president to an interest in the art of temperature-controlled cooking. That interest inspired PolyScience to create the line of molecular gastronomy-themed appliances and accessories on offer today. Rugged tanks are designed to hold up to long-term use, and custom-fit covers reduce evaporation, resulting in dishes that are evenly cooked with melt-in-your-mouth texture and an impressive amount of taste. In conjunction with immersion products, PolyScience makes vacuum sealers for use in sous vide cooking or food storage. Keep excess moisture at bay while your protein poaches, or infuse your dish with extra flavor in record time by using vacuum pressure to force marinade deep into your ingredients. Adventurous cooks also enjoy PolyScience's other cooking tools, including an anti-griddle, which uses flash-freezing techniques to freeze liquids into an icy cold solid in mere seconds. Grill enthusiasts will swoon over a portable smoking solution that lets you add smoky flavor to any food indoors without an actual grill anywhere in sight. Try adding smoke to sauces, meringues, chocolates or butters for surprising and unique tastes. Popular Styles: PolyScience offers a range of tools that blend the best of science and the culinary arts, but it's most known for contributions in the area of sous vide cooking. Lab-tested immersion circulators and sous vide accessories help you master temperature-controlled recipes for optimal results.

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