Pork Barrel BBQ

Pork Barrel BBQ brings the taste of down-home cooking to your grill. The brand was born one night in 2006 when two exhausted and hungry Senate staffers bemoaned the lack of barbecue in the nation's capital. As the staffers discussed dinner plans, Senators debated pork barrel spending nearby. Out of hunger, the idea for Pork Barrel BBQ was born. Two years later, the brand came to life as a team taste-tested rubs and selected a product line for the company. Today, Pork Barrel BBQ offers a full line of sauces and rubs to complement any meat or grill recipe you can think of. Purchase single bottles of sauce or rub to meet specific taste requirements, or opt for a sampler or gift pack to bring a full range of flavors to your grill. The brand's All-American Spice Rub features ingredients such as cumin, smoked paprika, chipotle chile and ancho chile for a nice, smoky kick that doesn't mask the taste of your meat. Pork Barrel BBQ even suggests that you try the seasoning on popcorn for a movie-night treat that will knock your socks off. The brand's barbecue sauces come in award-winning flavors such as sweet, mustard, original and Carolina vinegar. Glaze meats with sauces during the cooking process or line up bottles on the table for a sauce-your-own barbecue buffet line.
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