Prepara makes gadgets and designs that simplify many of the most tedious and repetitive kitchen tasks, making them more fun and easier to handle. The company is known for innovative designs that can save you time during meal prep, presentation and cleanup. Prepara tools often feature ergonomic shapes that reduce strain, letting you get more done without worry about repetitive stress injuries. Products range from portable kitchen aids such as mixers and garlic presses to reusable ice balls for cocktails and teas. Natural produce wash lets you quickly and easily clean fruits and vegetables almost anywhere, and simplified choppers and juicers take much of the work out of meal prep. These tools match the company's philosophy of working smarter, not harder, in the kitchen. Salad choppers and power-tip scoops make it easy to streamline your work and get the most out of each motion, saving you time and energy. Prepara's other inventions include oven-safe laurels that elevate food during baking, and frothers and shakers that can help you create amazing milk-based beverages. Popular Styles: Innovative gadgets and useful kitchen storage options dominate the popular styles available from Prepara. Battery-operated tools, including hand-held whippers and mixers, let you handle a variety of doughs and batters with ease. Salt and herb storage units, called savors by the company, ensure you get exactly the right amount for your needs.

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