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Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cookers, which are available in both stovetop and electric models, are life savers when you're trying to speed up meal preparation. You can use them to cut down your cooking time by up to two-thirds while retaining more of your foods' vitamins and minerals. Less cooking time means less energy consumed, which makes them beneficial to both your wallet and the environment. Pressure cookers have a top that locks in place, allowing pressure to build up inside. A simple valve allows you to determine how much vapor you allow to escape which ultimately determine how much pressure is used in the cooking process. Pressure cookers are the perfect choice when you're cooking stews, brisket, chili, rice, dried beans or just about any dish that normally requires low, slow cooking. Use it to braise, roast, steam, stew or boil in much less time. They are particularly useful when cooking tough roasts and briskets, as the meat's collagen breaks down quickly under pressure into gelatin, leaving you with a juicy, tender and flavorful meal. Stovetop pressure cookers can double as traditional sauce pans by keeping off the specialized lid. These are not your grandmother's appliances; today's pressure cookers are designed with safety in mind.

Popular Brands:

Calphalon is one of the leading names in cookware, and it's pressure cookers are among the best. They feature intuitive controls to regulate the pressure, as well as a one-button locking system to make operation simple whether you're a home cook or professional chef.
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