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Pro Bake pans make it easy to create delicious cakes, pastries and similar baked goods with no mess. The pan's nonstick surface keeps batter exactly where it belongs throughout the cooking process, resulting in light and fluffy baked goods that are perfect for home parties, special events and daily use. Most Pro Bake pans feature Teflon surfaces that make it easy to remove cooked goods without snags. EZ Handy Helpers household gadgets let you create even more complex bakery items with ease. Use the wide selection of spoons, shears, flippers and other accessories to work your dough and customize the look of breads and cakes. The Pro Bake New Generation line delivers a quality-tested insulated nonstick surface that helps prevent overcooking and keeps your goods moist throughout the baking process. Pro Bake goods are made in the USA and feature limited warranties that ensure their quality for years. The OvenStuff line of toaster oven pans lets you make the most of your toasting equipment; these pans are great for individual servings with a professional weight and design that result in even heat distribution for golden-brown toasted breads with every use. Pro Bake Preferred bakeware sets are perfect for small kitchen setups and feature embossed U.S. and metric sizes on each pan as well as a dishwasher-safe finish. Anti-warp sidewalls on Pro Bake equipment help ensure the pans will keep their form for quite some time.
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