Progressive International is a premiere maker of creative kitchen gadgets, baking and cooking accessories, and storage items for the kitchen. The Kent, Washington-based company's approach to creating kitchen gadgets stems from its unique vision of the family kitchen. Progressive perceives cooking as both a creative outlet and a source of nutritious, delicious sustenance.

That's why Progressive is driven to make kitchen tools that help you seamlessly blend form and function in every meal you make. The trusted brand offers a wealth of playful gadgets for serious cooks. Progressive understands that making nutritious meals is vital to your health, but it definitely doesn't have to be boring. Their kitchen implements make cooking fabulous food for yourself and your family as much fun as eating it.

Using the brand's kitchen accessories is like having a skilled, efficient kitchen assistant that anticipates your every need, allowing you to focus on creativity. From a produce brush with a potato eye remover to choppers that make quick work of slicing and dicing, Progressive gadgets dramatically simplify mealtime prepwork. Every second you save thanks to a handy kitchen tool is time you can spend focusing on adding just the right ingredient or improving your cooking techniques.

Progressive loves experimenting as much as you do, and your needs are part of every new endeavor. The brand is on a perpetual quest to fulfill the needs of the culinary artisans it calls customers. The company's research team considers customer feedback essential to its efforts, always incorporating it into their exhaustive efforts to create innovative new products.

Progressive is on a mission to bring a sense of fun to cooking. Its innovative culinary gadgets free you to devote your energy to expressing yourself in every meal. Its measuring devices, prep and mixing bowls, choppers, cooking utensils and other convenient kitchen tools make prepwork a breeze. Organizational items keep your kitchen essentials neat and easily accessible, while lid or jar lifters, oven mitts, funnels and other cooking accessories make cooking safer and easier.

Shop Progressive for kitchen gadgets that make cooking an adventure. Their culinary accessories ensure that you don't waste time on unnecessary tasks when you could be directing your energy towards crafting fabulous fare in your kitchen. Thanks to their innovative kitchen tools, prepwork is easier and more enjoyable. You'll be left with more time to spend on making and savoring healthy gourmet meals with the ones you love.

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