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Quick Kimchi

Quick Kimchi

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Asian Recipes

Asian Recipe Collections

Cool Asian: Sides and Salads
Sesame noodles, kimchi and Japanese cucumber salad are cool additions to your menu.
Asian-Style Chicken
Whether grilled, stir-fried or tossed with veggies, chicken makes a delicious meal.
Japanese-Inspired Dinner: Easy Teriyaki Mains
Grill up some sweet and savory meat and seafood.
Summer Seafood, Asian Style
Far East meets far-out with Thai tuna salad, Japanese salmon burgers or lobster lo mein.
Fried Rice Recipes
Stir up your leftovers, Asian-style.

Top Asian Recipes

Savory Daikon Pudding
Savory Daikon Pudding
Pan-fry a cake of rice flour, daikon and sausage for a traditional dish.

Asian Menus    See All

Cantonese Roast Pork
Sweet and well-marinated pork is served with green beans and sweet almond pudding.
Asian Sea Bass Dinner
Miso sea bass and artichoke relish are best enjoyed with sticky rice.
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