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The Glossary features definitions of ingredients, cooking tools and equipment.

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Almond paste is a pliable paste made from blanched ground almonds, sugar, and glycerine or other liquid. Almond extract is often used to intensify the flavor. It is used in pastries as a flavoring agent and for decorative work. It is less sweet than marzipan. Almond paste is available in most supermarkets in 6 to 8 ounce cans and packages. Once opened, it should be wrapped tightly and refrigerated. Bitter almond paste is used to flavor Amaretti cookies.
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Almonds are oval nuts with a mellow, sweet flavor, sold whole or cut into slivers or slices, and are available blanched (skinless).
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Amaretti are crisp, sweet Italian biscuits flavored with apricot or almond. Imported amaretti are available in well-stocked grocery stores and specialty-food shops.
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Amaretto is an Italian liqueur combining essences of apricot and almond.
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American cheese is a processed, mild, Cheddar-style cheese appreciated for its good melting properties.
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