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Apricot brandy has the color and taste of the stone fruit used to flavor it. For other brandies, see apple brandy, blackberry brandy, calvados, framboise, kirsch, and marc de Champagne.
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Apricots are early-ripening summer fruits, that native to China but grown worldwide. They are available fresh, canned, or dried. Buy fairly firm, blemish-free fresh apricots, avoiding any tinged with green. Complete ripening at room temperature.
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Arbol chiles are dried, bright red fresh chiles, related to the cayenne chile. Literally "tree" chiles, they are very hot. The slender chiles measure about 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) long.
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Arborio rice, an Italian variety, has short, plump grains that are high in starch content and, when cooked, have a creamy, saucelike consistency. Used in risottos, rice puddings, and other dishes, arborio rice is available in Italian delicatessens and well-stocked food stores.
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Armagnac, a dry brandy similar to Cognac, is made from wine produced in the Armagnac region of southwestern France. Other good-quality, dry wine-based brandies may be substituted.
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