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Armoniche are ridged pasta shapes that resemble small harmonicas.
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Arrowroot is the starchy product of a tropical tuber. The rootstalks are dried and ground into a super fine powder. It is used as a thickening agent much like cornstarch and is more easily digested than wheat flour. Its thickening power is about twice that of wheat flour. Arrowroot is tasteless and becomes clear when cooked. Unlike cornstarch, it doesn't have a chalky taste when it is undercooked. It should be mixed with a cold liquid before being heated or added to hot mixtures.
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Arrowroot flour is made from the fleshy root stock of the tropical arrowroot plant. It's white, fine and powdery texture is very similar to cornstarch but it has no flavor at all. It is typically used as a thickener for puddings, sauces and other cooked foods.
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Artichoke hearts are the tender inner portion beneath the leaves of globe artichokes. They are available canned, in jars and frozen.
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Artichokes, related to thistles, are native to the Mediterranean and grown in other parts of the world. These large flower buds have a tightly packed cluster of tough, pointed, prickly leaves that conceal pale green inner leaves and a gray-green base, which together make up the heart. Only the fleshy base of the leaves and the meaty base are eaten; the rest of the leaves and the fuzzy choke inside the heart are discarded. Artichokes are sold fresh year-round in sizes ranging from very small, or baby-about 1 1/2-2 inches (4-5 cm) in diameter-to very large, or globe. Select compact, heavy artichokes with tightly closed leaves; refrigerate in a plastic bag for up to 4 days. Artichokes are also available frozen, canned, and marinated.
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