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Andouille sausages are spicy Creole-Cajun smoked pork sausages that are highly seasoned with red pepper and garlic. They are sold in well-stocked grocery stores and meat markets.
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Anejo cheese is an "aged" white Mexican cheese with a dry, crumbly texture and a salty flavor. Look for it in Mexican markets and well-stocked grocery stores. Grated romano, Parmesan, or feta can be substituted.
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Angel hair pasta is an appropriately named cut of thin and delicate strands. They are called "capelli d'angelo" in Italian.
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Angostura bitters are made from the distillation of aromatic herbs, barks, roots and plants, bitters are a liquid used to flavor cocktails or food. They are also used as a digestive aid or appetite stimulant. Bitters generally have a high alcohol content and are bitter or bittersweet to the taste. Angostura is actually a place in Venezuela where the product was originally made. Today, production continues in Trinidad where Angostura is the brand name for many products. See also bitters
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Anise extract, a flavoring with a sweet licorice taste, is made by dissolving the essential oil of aniseeds in an alcohol base. Use products labeled "pure" or "natural" anise extract.
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