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Banana leaves are large leaves from the banana tree used as wrappers-and subtle flavoring agents-for steamed Asian dishes. They are usually sold frozen in large pieces to be cut into smaller sizes as needed for wrapping.
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Banana squash are large, long winter squashes, often sold in sections. They have smooth, creamy orange skin and orange flesh.
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Banana-flavored liqueur is a sweet alcoholic beverage with a distinctive banana taste. It is used as an ingredient as well as enjoyed as a beverage.
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Bananas are tropical fruits with sweet, soft, creamy flesh and yellow peels. The most common variety, the Cavendish, can be purchased when the peel is still green and ripened at room temperature. Other varieties have red skin and pink flesh.
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Barbecue sauce is a spicy, sweet-tart sauce used to baste foods during grilling or as a condiment for grilled foods. Ingredients include tomatoes, sugar or molasses, vinegar, and a hot spice such as chili or mustard.
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