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Bean sauce is a Chinese condiment made from salted, fermented soybeans. Yellow bean sauce, known in Thailand as dao jiow and in Malaysia as tau cheo, is a lighter variation of the more common, stronger-flavored brown bean sauce from China.
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Bean sprouts are small, immature shoots sprouted from a wide variety of seeds and beans. Among the most popular are delicate, mild-tasting alfalfa sprouts and larger, crisp, and succulent mung bean sprouts.
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Beef is the red meat from cattle raised for market. It is first cut into primal or wholesale cuts-large sections that are then cut by the butcher into individual retail cuts.
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Beef marrow is the soft, fatty tissue found in the hollow center of animal leg bones. It is considered a delicacy in many European countries and is the main ingredient in Italy's specialty osso buco. Beef marrow can be purchased at meat markets and is typically baked or poached.
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Beef shin (gravy beef), the cut of beef from the lower shin of a cow commonly used in stews and braises in Asian and Eastern European dishes. Also known as a shank.
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