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Candlenuts, similar in shape to hazelnuts, are small, white, waxy nuts-called buah keras in Malaysia and Indonesia-used primarily as a thickening agent for spice pastes. Blanched almonds or unsalted macadamia or Brazil nuts may be substituted. Candlenuts are available in Indian and Asian markets.
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Candy cups, fluted cups of plain or decorated paper or foil, are used for holding individual candies while they set, and for presentating the finished confections.
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Candy thermometers clip to the side of a saucepan for gauging the temperature of candy mixtures, sugar stages, or preserves. They are designed to register temperatures between 230°F and 350°F (110°C and 180°C)-the range to which sugar syrup-based mixtures are heated in the making of candy, preserves, and various desserts. Because readings will vary with altitude, calibrate the thermometer by using it to measure the temperature of boiling water. The difference between your reading and 212°F (100°C) should be applied to the temperatures given in the recipes.
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Canelaanish name for cinnamon, this sweet, aromatic spice is used both in ground form or in "sticks" which are actually cylinders of coiled bark of a tree in the laurel family. True cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree (Cinnamon zelancium) which grows only in Ceylon. Most cinnamon used today is actually from Cassia, another tree in the laurel family. The bark of the Cassia has a less delicate flavor and is thicker and more coarse than that of the Cinnamon tree. In the U.S., cinnamon is most commonly used in baking and dessert dishes. It is also a key ingredient in many savory dishes however, such as curries, stews and a Moroccan dish called Bastilla. Cinnamon was once used as a flavoring in alcoholic beverages such as ale. It is still commonly used in mulled wines and ciders. Like other spices, canela should be stored in a dry, cool cabinet, in airtight jars and out of direct light. It may keep for several months up to a year.
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Canned broth is a commercial product that can be used as a substitute for homemade stock. Chicken, beef, and vegetable broth is available in most grocery stores.
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