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Mustard (German) Potato Salad

Contributed By: C, TX | See all of C's recipes
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Active Time:  25 Minutes
Total Time:  25 Minutes
  6 servings
4 large Russet Potatoes (or other suitable variety - 1/2 to 1 potato per person)- peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes
3 eggs, boiled and cut into pieces (see below)
1/2 large yellow onion, chopped to a small dice
3 large Best Made Dill Pickles (traditional Southern dill pickles are best, but Kosher dills will suffice if you prefer), diced
1/4 cup of pimento-stuffed green olives, slightly chopped (chop until there are no whole olives, but not into tiny pieces.
1/4 cup prepared yellow mustard.
3 heaping tablespoons mayonnaise
1/8 cup Dill Pickle brine (the juice from the dill pickle jar)
Salt and pepper to taste.
Put peeled, cubed, potatoes in a large pot (6 quarts or larger). Fill pot with water until potatoes are covered with at least a 1/2 inch of water. Add 1 tablespoon of salt. Add whole uncracked eggs. Boil the potatoes and eggs for approximately 20 minutes or until a fork can pass easily through a potato cube.

While potatoes and eggs are boiling prepare the other ingredients and set aside.

After 20 minutes remove boiled eggs and immediately immerse in cold water. (shells may be cracked from the boiling process). Peel and slice eggs. cut eggs lengthwise through the yolk and the white (as if you were about to prepare deviled eggs), then slice each half lengthwise again. Slice the 4 quarters crosswise at approximately 1/3 intervals, creating approximately 12 pieces, per egg.

Drain the potatoes and reserve in the pot.

Add prepped eggs, pickles, onion, olives, mustard, mayonnaise, and pickle brine to the pot of potatoes.

I pepper liberally with fresh course cracked black pepper and a light sprinkling of salt (table, kosher or sea salt) but this step is to you own taste. You can use larger amounts of pepper and omit salt if you need a lower sodium dish (although greatly diminishing the flavor of the dish, you can omit the brine if you need a lower sodium dish, as well), or add salt to your taste and less pepper if you don't care for much pepper, but pepper flavors and colors the dish and brings out flavor well in the absence of salt.

With a large spoon (wooden or otherwise) stir gently to thoroughly combine the ingredients. Do not stir vigorously. Some potatoes will begin to break up like mashed potatoes, but you want some to remain chunky. The mayo is in the recipe to make it smooth and creamy, so you don't need to emulsify the potatoes to create a smooth, creamy dish. Potato salad is supposed to be chunky, so stir gently.

It is best served warm, so time your prep to have the dish ready when it is time to serve. You can do all the advanced prep of the ingredients and store these in sealed containers or zip lock bags in the refrigerator and set them out to warm to room temperature at the start of the boiling process of the eggs and potatoes. Then 25 minutes before serving time begin the cooking process. All the ingredients can easily be assembled and prepared in the 20-25 minutes it requires to boil the potatoes and eggs, so advanced prep isn't necessary, but if you are finishing other dishes at the same time, doing the prep work on everything but the egg chopping can save you a few harried moments.

Though it is best served warm, it can be served cold, if you prefer (some people just have a cold dish mindset about potato salad).

Containing mayonnaise it shouldn't be stored on a picnic table or in a picnic basket for extended periods of time (do not send leftovers to school or work in a lunch box, for the same reason). If you can't serve immediately after preparation, store in the refrigerator of in an ice chest to preclude bacterial growth in the mayo. If refrigeration isn't going to be available, omit the mayo and the vinegar in the mustard, pickles, pickle brine and olives as well as the salt, will retard bacterial growth. I've never heard of anyone getting sick from this dish if handled properly, but the presence of mayo offers the possibility.

Serves approximately 6-8.

This has been a mainstay dish around my house with summer BBQ for decades. A rack of ribs, a brisket, steaks, chicken, or even just hamburgers and hot dogs, with this dish and some BBQ beans (pork and beans with brown sugar, mustard, and BBQ sauce) are a great backdoor, perhaps pool side meal or on a picnic).


Date Added: 06/20/2009
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