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Oven-Dried Apricots

Source: Preserving Fruits and Vegetables
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Active Time:  5 Minutes
Total Time:  12 Hours 5 Minutes
  Yield: 1 part fresh=1/3 part dried
apricots (or any other food suitable for oven-drying), with stones removed
Drying frame or oven rack
Oven-Dried Apricots Recipe at
Carefully place the apricots halves on the rack (skin side down) in a single layer. Heat the oven to 140 degrees F., add the rack and dry, leaving the oven door propped open with a mixing spoon, for 12-14 hours. Use an oven thermometer to check that the temperature stays at 140 degrees F.

Place the dried apricots in a clean, airtight, labeled jar, and store.

DRYING TIPS: Airtight glass jars are the best containers for dried food. Always store them in a dark, cool place. Containers should be full so that there is as little air in the jar as possible. Be sure to label and date each jar well.

An oven temperature exceeding 140 degrees is too high because the food may cook on the outside, forming a skin that traps moisture inside. Many ovens cannot be set as low as this, so set it as low as possible, using an oven thermometer to check the temperature inside, and experiment with how much to leave the door open to keep the temperature at 140 degrees. Don't overload the oven, and check the trays, changing their positions, form time to time.

Recipe reprinted by permission of Weldon Russell. All rights reserved.
Date Added: 01/01/2008
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