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Pork Merry

Contributed By: sumathy | See all of sumathy's recipes
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Active Time:  5 Hours
Total Time:  5 Hours
Cleaned pork meat ( sliced)           - 1 Kg
green chilli ( sliced)               -5 nos.(
Big Onion ( chopped)                 - 2 Nos.
white Onion (small cutting peaces    - 2 Table spoon
Small onion cut it into two pieces   20 Nos
Coconut sliced pieced                -Half cup
coconut fist milk                    -2 cup
coconut second milk                  - 4 Cups
coconut kneated                       -2 large cups
Ginger sliced pieces                 -1 Table spoon
curry leaf  (kariveppila)            - 2Pinch
chilly poder                         -2 Table spoon
pepper poser                         -1 Tablespoon
Termeric Poder                       -a little
Salt                                 -for essential
coconut oil                          - for essential
mustard                              - 1 Table spoon
corriander poder                     - 2 table spoon
Pork meat 1 kg. clean well and sliced one inch pieces . Add one Table spoon chilli powder and little salt. Mix it together without water and leave it to set half an hour. after half an hour light the stove and place a minimum large pan in to the stove and pour second coconut milk 4 cups into the pan and add the pork meat, green chilli chopped, coconut littlepiece in to the milk and cover the pan . allow it to cook well . After soaking the meat very well take the pan from the stove

Secondly we can prepare the ingrediants to add in the pork meat. Place a pan in the stove , pour two table spoon coconut oil and add kneated coconut two Large cups, small onions, corriyandar powder, 10 nos of chilli petals,10 nos of pepper seeds mix itwith athawa(spoon) in the stove itself continueously for 10 Minutes.. When the coconut becomes slight change of colour take the ingreediance from the pan and grind it in a mixi adding little water.

Thirdly Start the stove and place a fresh pan in to the stove when the pan become heat pour 100 grsm coconut oil when the oil become slightly heat add one table spoon mustard seeds and when the mustard seeds breaking sound stop add Big onion chopped , white onion pieces, ginger pices, curry leaves(Two Pinches)mix it with a thava (or a spoon)till the onions colour changed to a light brown colour . Then add the cooked meat into the pan and mix it well with the thava Then add the grinded ingreediants paste ,essential salt ,little termeric powder (for colour only) in to the pan and mix it and cover the pan with a lid for 10 minutes. Take time to cook the meat very well. Then open the lid and add 2 cups coconut first milk and mix the all ingrediance and allow it to little heat and then lastly add four table spoon coconut oil and curry leaves and mix it and then cover it with lid and off the stove.

After ten minutes serve the pork merry with chappathy or

with lunch.It is very tasty

Date Added: 06/07/2011
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