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Soy and ginger infused river cobbler (basa fillet)

Contributed By: Jina | See all of Jina's recipes
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Active Time:  7 Minutes
Total Time:  10 Minutes
  2 Servings
A simple modern Asian dish that is beautiful to look at, but truly effortless to create. Perfect for those lazy rainy days.
2 river cobbler/basa fillet (or any white fish)
1 carrot, thinly sliced
1 piece ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
1 slice lemon
Shallots (the more the merrier!)
1 clump of coriander
3 cloves garlic, minced
For the sauce:
Soy sauce – 1 1/2 tbsp per fillet
Fish sauce  - 3/4 of a tbsp per fillet
Sugar – 3/4 tsp per fillet
Lemon, for the juice
The carrot, ginger and shallots need to be thinly sliced - these will be a topping for your fish fillet. Also slice lemon thinly, as a garnish (one per fillet).

Next, the sauce: going by the estimates in the ingredients list, mix the soy sauce and fish sauce, with a bit of sugar, some water to dilute it and a squeeze of lemon. Again, the rough estimate I’d recommend is 1 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce per fillet, 3/4 tbsp fish sauce per fillet and 1/2 tsp per fillet sugar.

Heat the pan with some oil, just enough so the fish won’t burn. Pan fry the fillet at a medium temperature.

After a while, toss in your ginger, carrot and shallots on the sides and saute them in the minced garlic (add more oil here if needed).

When one side of the fillet is cooked, turn it over, then pour in the sauce, with the ginger, carrot and shallots cooking in the sauce as well.

Dilute the sauce with some water, and let it simmer on low to medium heat, so that all the delicious flavours will be soaked up by the fish fillet. Occasionally, take a spoon and pour some of the sauce over the fillet until it is completely cooked.

Then, when the fish is cooked, you’re ready to plate up. Place the fillet on a dish, then top with the lemon slice. Pour the remaining sauce over the fish. Finally, take the ginger, carrot and shallots (with chopsticks preferably, but I suppose small tongs work) and place them as artistically as you like on top.

Date Added: 12/06/2012
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