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Sweet Corn Ravioli with rosted corn and fennel sauce

Contributed By: Katherine, AL | See all of Katherine's recipes
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Active Time:  45 Minutes
Total Time:  1 Hour
  4 Servings
delicious treat and is vegetarian friendly.
1 egg, lightly beaten
2t   water
8 oz flour
1/4 t salt
7t unsalted butter
6 oz  roasted corn kernels
1oz + 1T diced onion
2t chopped roasted garlic
1C heavy cream
1 t finely chopped chives
1/4 t chopped thyme
1 oz fennel, coarsely chopped
2 sprigs thyme
1 bay leaf
1C shellfish stock or clam juice

In a small bowl, whisk together egg and water. Stir this mixture into the flour and salt. Knead for 5-10 minutes. Cover dough with a kitchen towel and rest on the counter 30 minutes. Using a pasta machine, roll out dough to desired thickness. In a small skillet over medium heat, melt 1t of butter and 4 oz cook the corn, 1 t onion and 1t garlic until tender. Add the 1/4 C cream and cook on low heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Stir in chives and chopped thyme. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Roll out dough till thin. Cut into 4 inch round circles. Put heaping teaspoon of filling into each circle. Carefully fold the pasta over the filling. Tamp down the pasta around the balls of filling with your fingers or a fork, pressing hard to make sure the pasta adheres so the ravioli won't come apart while cooking. Set the finished ravioli to dry on a lightly floured cloth and repeat the process, continuing until the stuffing is used up. Prepare sauce.


Melt 2 tablespoons of the butter in a medium sauté pan over medium heat. Add corn, fennel, onion and garlic and cook until vegetables are softened. Add thyme, bay leaf, stock and cream. Cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Remove and discard the bay leaf. Transfer to a blender, purée and strain through a fine-mesh sieve. Place the skillet back over medium-high heat and slowly whisk in the remaining 4 tablespoons butter. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Keep warm.


Slide raviolis into simmering water gently. Continue stirring several minutes, or until done. Raviolis will float when done. Remove raviolis out with a slotted spoon, or drain in a colander and serve several per person. Top with Corn and fennel sauce.

Date Added: 09/01/2009
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