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Vegie-table Medley

Contributed By: david, OK | See all of david's recipes
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Active Time:  1 Hour
Total Time:  5 Hours
  20 Servings +
I use this recipe to feed my army of family when we have a get together. I will usually smoke some kind of meat; brisket, ribs, pork loin, chicken or all the above. This can also be used as a main course instead of a side dish.
Vegie-tables (redneck for vegetables) (get pretty much what you prefer) here is what I like-make sure all your vegie-tables are warshed (redneck term) really good.
Taters (redneck for potatoes), I prefer Yukon Gold, 5lbs., with the skins left on and quartered
Squash, 4 yellow and 4 zucchini, (good sized ones) cut into 1 inch slices
Carrots, 1-1lb. pkg. of baby carrots
Broccoli, 1-1lb. pkg. frozen (use fresh if you like)
Corn, 1-1lb. pkg. frozen (I have used fresh on the cob and it is great but takes up a lot of space when trying to feed so many)
Shrooms (redneck for mushrooms), 2lbs. button cut in half (if you cut them to small you can’t find ‘em and I loves shrooms)
Onions, 2 large onions (I prefer yellow either 1015’s or Vidalia’s) cut into ½ inch slivers
Bacon, 3lbs Wright’s Hickory Smoked Bacon (key ingredient, don’t substitute)
Butter, 1lb salted
Preheat your grill or (oven for non rednecks) to 400 degrees

(there abouts)

Take your pan and line the bottom with half

the bacon, take the vegie-tables except for the onions and

maybe the shrooms and put on top of the bacon in the pan.


I first started making this I would spread the taters

on the bottom and layer the other over the top of the

taters, but since not everyone likes all the vegie-tables I

put in this, I started sectioning them off with the taters

at one end and work my to the other with each one having its

own spot.

I still like spreading the shrooms all over

the top but you can put them in their own place too if you


Spread the onions across the top and season to

taste, remember this is a lot of vegies and you may want to

season as you go. I do it at the last because some don’t like

too much seasoning and just use kosher salt and fresh cracked

black pepper.

Now to finish, take the other half

of the bacon and cover the top of the vegie-tables and then

space the 1lb. of butter on top of the bacon, if it comes

in the 4 quarter lb. sticks, don’t cut them up, space them

4-5 inches apart on top is good.

Cover loosely with the

aluminum foil, put on grill close top or in oven until the

taters are tender. About 2-3 hours. (Be sure and check about

an hour in to make sure everything is cooking A-OK)

Date Added: 03/09/2014
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Rating: 5
by: Tom Reviewed: 03/28/2014
Terrific Recipe
Yummy Yum Yum!!!!!!!
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