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Valentine's Day Recipes

Valentine's Day Recipe Collections

Jam-Filled Desserts: Sticky-Sweet Cookies, Cakes & More
Sticky-sweet preserves make a perfect center or glaze to your dessert.
Mocha Desserts
Coffee and chocolate pair together for sweet endings.
Decadent and Classic Chocolate Cakes
Layered or molten, frosted or glazed, bake pure chocolate pleasure.
Baked Valentine Desserts
Sweeten up your sugar with romantic desserts.
Red Velvet Cake
The Southern classic makes a decadent dessert.

Top Valentine's Day Recipes

Chocolate Crunch Waffles with Caramel Sauce and Ice Cream
Chocolate Crunch Waffles with Caramel Sauce and Ice Cream
Forget the cone -- go for the original waffle.
Chocolate Velvet Pudding
Chocolate Velvet Pudding
Semisweet chocolate, butter and egg yolks create an extra-smooth texture.

Valentine's Day Menus    See All

Quick and Homey Valentine Meal
You can't go wrong with a homerun combo of steak au poivre and baby potatoes.
Peaches & Cream Breakfast For Your Sweetie
mimosas pair off with incredibly decadent peaches-and-cream brulee French toast.
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