Rice Cube

The Rice Cube brand is synonymous with its flagship, namesake product. The Rice Cube comes in a variety of colors and makes it easy to create cubes out of rice and similarly soft ingredients. Use the cube to create your own sushi at home in seconds, or craft homemade onigiri by placing a small plum or bit of bean paste in the center of the rice and closing the cube around it. The simple design of the Rice Cube makes it easy for users of all skill levels. Teach children the joys of making their own sushi and eating healthy foods such as fish, avocado and similar Japanese diet staples. Place nori seaweed sheets in the Rice Cube for quick maki rolls and onigiri wrappers. The Rice Cube also works with small pasta dishes and soft grains other than rice. Use it with dough to quickly create cubes containing sausages and similar ingredients that are ready for a quick toss in the oven. The Rice Cube is also a great choice for making innovative and interesting sandwiches: Simply place the ingredients on bread and use the cube to form it into bite-sized cubes for parties or family gatherings. The cube cleans up easily, letting you quickly wash away any sticky rice or leftover food. This makes it a great choice over traditional sushi mats, allowing you to focus on whipping up delicious treats from the East or your own homemade creations.
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