Experienced wine connoisseurs know that the shape of the glass is important to the flavor of the wine, and Claus Riedel was one of the first glass designers to create stemware specifically for different types of wine. Synonymous with sophisticated wine drinking, Riedel products aren't just for the technical sippers and critics. Serve up elegant beverages before, during or after dinner when you stock your kitchen, dining room or bar area with Riedel glasses and decanters. We know the taste of wine is important regardless of your experience with the topic, which is why Riedel prides itself on delivering quality glasses for everyday use. Opt for classic stemware in shapes perfect for white, red or in-between wines, or get contemporary when you serve drinks in stemless glasses of the appropriate shape. While guests are sipping and conversing, keep wine flowing with the help of a range of beautiful decanter designs. Delight visual senses with beautiful glassware as your favorite wine dances on the taste buds.

Popular Styles:

Opt for a top-selling set of eight red or white wine glasses to start your home bar. Stemless glasses make it easier to enjoy your drink without worrying about where you'll set it down, and they reduce breakage during clean up and washing. Purchase a set of five Riedel tasting glasses, which feature five shapes and sizes so you get the most out of various wine types.

Brand Features:

  • Beautiful crystal stemware
  • Unique decanter designs
  • Non-lead crystal construction for some products
  • Hand-made, blown glass construction for some decanters

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