Roma pasta makers and tools let you bring a touch of Italy home to your kitchen. Named after one of the most important cities in all of Europe, Roma features high-quality construction and tools that make it easy to produce authentic Italian pasta in the convenience of your own home. The four-piece pasta machine is an easy way to roll out a variety of different pasta sheets, and the fettuccine and spaghetti attachment gives the device even greater functionality. An optional ravioli attachment makes creating ravioli dishes easy; simply insert the desired meat or cheese into each piece of pasta produced by the combination set. When you want to prep the fruits of your labor to store for cooking at a later date, Roma's pasta drying rack is an excellent tool for preserving your pasta. Dried pasta makes great homemade gifts for friends and family, allowing them to create fine Italian cuisine for their guests with the knowledge that the pasta was made with a little extra tender loving care. Roma pasta equipment is sturdy and easy to clean, letting you focus on crafting noodle dishes for your guests. Most units disassemble quickly for storage, saving space in your kitchen and allowing you to make the most of your counters and food preparation areas. Roma products typically come with a one-year warranty that ensures they'll perform well in your kitchen.
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