Rosanna flatware features colorful, comfortable handles that are a delight to grip throughout a meal even when there are many courses. Select flatware that matches your own sense of style, or choose colors that complement existing tableware or dining room decor. Dozens of options ensure you find the product that's right for your family or food industry business, and Rosanna's oversized European designs deliver durable stainless steel to your table. We think you'll love these sets so much you'll want to keep them in the family. The flatware is safe for use in the dishwasher, reducing tedious hand washing after a large meal. Rosanna also brings its elegant style and commitment to quality to glassware, mugs, bowls, servingware and accessories. Choose elegant glass pitchers for serving iced drinks on a warm night, bring beautiful tea services to your table for traditional snacks or add whimsical plates to table settings to show off your fun side. Most of the Rosanna dish products are also dishwasher safe, and many of them can be used in the microwave for convenient meal prep or reheating leftovers. While most of the pieces are designed in the United States, inspiration for patterns and colors is drawn from across the globe, letting you create worldly decor in your dining room or kitchen. Bring home Rosanna products for fine or casual dining anytime.

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