Rufus Teague

Steeped in history and savory taste, Rufus Teague brings award-winning sauces and seasonings to your kitchen with an eye on tradition and a step toward the future. The story goes that Rufus Teague whipped up a zesty sauce one day, and he put it in a jar to share with the boys. Turns out, the sauce was so good that no one would leave Rufus alone until he made some more. After that, Rufus was always making sauce, and we're glad he stayed busy. Today, Rufus Teague as a company consistently churns out mouth-watering flavors in a range of products to fit every culinary taste. Start with something sweet, such as honey- or maple-backed sauces, and progress to spicy steak sauce. Every sauce is designed to enhance rather than cover up the taste of meat and vegetables. Adventurous diners can opt for Rufus Teague's Blazin' Hot sauce, and chefs who want less mess at the table or crave complex, layered flavors can season steak, pork, poultry or fish with various dry rubs. Quality ingredients and consistency born of patient pot stirring make Rufus Teague products stand out from the pack. Brand Features:
  • Many items feature gluten-free recipes for those on low- or no-gluten regimens
  • MSG-free sauces and seasonings to suit a variety of dietary preferences
  • Recipes feature all-natural, high-quality ingredients for worry-free cooking and consumption
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