Dedicated to precision, Salter makes kitchen tools that help get the right amount of food in the pot or on your plate. Use Salter kitchen scales when dealing with recipes that call for exacting ingredients. Dual-use scales let you weigh both wet and dry ingredients, increasing your efficiency and accuracy when baking a batch of your favorite muffins or cupcakes. Select from scales that offer both direct-on-scale and in-bowl measurement and features such as battery power, large LCD screens, measurement conversions, auto zero and auto shut off, all of which contribute to convenient operation and accurate measurements. Use Salter food scales to manage dietary restrictions by weighing portions for maximum control. Portable scales let you bring measuring functionality to any meal. Other Salter products that offer control in the kitchen include precision timers, measuring spoons and adjustable rolling pins. We know many people count calories, but if you're also counting salt intake, mechanical seasoning mills from Salter help reduce the chance of oversalting foods. Salter whisks and frothers feature quality whipping mechanisms, so you can create frothy lattes or delectable creams. Salter combines a commitment to accuracy with a desire for convenience; the results include products such as the digital measuring jug, which lets you measure and weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl and converts the measurement from common ingredients, such as water or oil, into volume. Get cooking and stay precise with Salter kitchen products.
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