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San Jamar takes a complete approach to customer satisfaction that begins even before products are designed. The company speaks with customers and conducts field tests to understand what challenges professional and home cooks face on a regular basis. Combining that information with a mission to create safe and sanitary food prep and service environments, San Jamar works to develop useful products that meet real needs. The result is safety products such as Cool Touch oven mitts, storage and service solutions such as the Wireworks cup and lid dispensers and organizers, chilled garnish centers for bar use, and soap and towel dispensers for cleanliness in kitchens and washrooms. Shop San Jamar products for your home, office or restaurant, and take proactive steps to protect yourself, family members, employees and customers without detracting from delicious cooking or stellar service. Popular Styles: San Jamar makes products for use in bar and counter-service environments as well as residential and commercial kitchens, but some of its most popular products are barbecue and patio cooking tools. Oven mitts, storage containers and food-carrying solutions are just some of the products that come in handy when cooking outdoors. Brand Features:
  • Innovative designs that protect while they deliver functionality
  • Proactive solutions to kitchen and cooking needs
  • Many products made in the USA

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