Most families don't dine on the finest china every night, but we enjoy a gorgeous table setting as much as the next kitchen retailer. We're happy to offer Sango dinnerware because the beautiful designs look great on any table, and the durable dishes stand up under daily demands. Choose solid, floral or geometric patterns to add interesting depth to your dining room. Sets include plates of various shapes, letting you add unique elements to your collection. Many of Sango's products are handmade, which means details will vary slightly from item to item, enhancing the variety at your table and giving each dinner setting a unique artisan-like appearance. Since we think Sango plates and bowls are likely to see a lot of use in your home, we're glad most of the products are dishwasher safe so that you don't end up pulling sink duty every evening. Many of the dishes are also microwave safe, adding convenient options to your list of meal prep tasks and making it easy to heat leftovers in vessels that won't affect the taste or safety of the food. Natural hues, inspired design and an eye toward the needs of the modern kitchen make Sango a great choice for your home. Popular Styles: Sango is known for affordable tableware that looks great and functions long term. Purchase separate elements, such as soup bowls, or buy Sango tableware in a 16-piece set to meet family dining needs. Complete your collection by stocking your cabinet with cooking bowls that streamline the prep process and get dinner on the table in record time.

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