Sassafras continues to deliver strong kitchen implements perfect for use by almost anyone in your family. The company creates beautiful bakeware sets in a variety of colors that stimulate the imagination and give bakers complete freedom over their creations. In addition to basting brushes and pans, the company also makes kits that can help a budding cook discover more about the complexities and joys of working in a modern kitchen. Little chefs can don realistic chef's jackets from Sassafras and join their parents in creating delicious treats like cakes and breads from scratch. Sassafras also delivers a variety of cooking implements that make it easier than ever to bake goods. These include brick ovens and pizza bakers that slide neatly into a wide range of home and commercial ovens. Custom bread bakers help ensure a crisp outer crust and soft interior. These tools are a great way to ensure the best quality foods are available for your friends, family and guests. Sassafras makes cooking fun for children and aspiring chefs of all ages. Popular Styles: The fun designs of Sassafras bakeware and kids cooking tools make them two of the company's most popular products. The high-quality bakeware features colorful images and is perfect for crafting cakes and treats. Kids cooking kits are great tools for getting young would-be chefs interested in the culinary arts.
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