Savannah Bee Company

Like many great food stories, the tale of the Savannah Bee Company begins with a passion for flavor and a process that grew too large for a single kitchen. The story of Ted Dennard's love of bees and honey begins with an old acquaintance, a rattling automobile and the passing of knowledge. Dennard studied beekeeping from the age of 12, when a man sought proper beekeeping trees on his father's land. Years later, Dennard continued keeping bees. At one point, he kept bees on his roof and bottled honey in the kitchen. He gave away both honey and lip balm created from wax, and people were impressed with the quality and purity of his products. Now, the Savannah Bee Company operates warehouses, stores and production facilities in Georgia, and people across the country can bring home a taste of Georgia's spring. Purchase single jars or bottles of honey in numerous varieties, or opt for gift sets that let you sample honeys created for use with meats, cheeses and teas. The Savannah Bee Company has been featured in dozens of magazines, has won numerous awards and is a favorite among discerning chefs nationwide. Products feature 100 percent raw and natural honey. Not only is natural honey delicious, it's also a common ingredient in remedies for sore throats and other ailments.
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