We like to think all great ideas are born in the kitchen, which is why we love the story behind Savino and the little wine carafe that could. Savino founder Scott Tavenner began the journey toward wine preservation after his wife tried to save a single glass of wine in their refrigerator. After years of trying different products, Tavenner decided he wanted a new type of wine preservation—one that created a wine-friendly environment outside of the bottle. The journey was 15 years in the making, but any wine fan knows that the best things take time to come to fruition. In the end, Tavenner developed the Savino Wine Saver Carafe, which features a lid to prevent spills and a sleek design that looks great on your wet bar. The secret behind the carafe's wine-keeping power is in the float that's inserted after you pour remaining wine into the container. The float creates a barrier between the liquid and oxygen, protecting taste so that you can savor your favorite bottle of wine over an entire week. Pouring a glass is totally fuss free. Simply remove the carafe's top, serve yourself or others from the contents and place the carafe back on a level surface. The float adjusts automatically to protect the wine for future sipping. Media outlets from the Gadget Review to the Chicago Tribune are raving about Savino. Try it, and we know you'll be a fan too.
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